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Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms throughout Guildford and wider Surrey, as its primary characteristics include resistance to water and staining. It’s a synthetic material and a close relative of linoleum, and has made massive advances over recent years. While the vinyl flooring of the old days was often reviled for being ugly and cheap-looking, modern vinyl flooring products are anything but!


We supply and install attractive, durable vinyl flooring that comes with long-term fitting and wear guarantees. We also pride ourselves on offering a fast, efficient service – and can have your preferred vinyl flooring sourced and fitted within just a week. To receive samples of the products we offer, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01252 641 522.


Despite this commitment to quality products and fantastic customer service, our prices stay incredibly competitive. This is why the D N H Carpets team is renowned as the top choice flooring contractor not just in our hometown of Aldershot, but all surrounding Surrey locales, including Guildford.

kitchen with vinyl flooring

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?


DURABILITY – Many modern vinyl flooring products have multiple layers which protect them against every day wear-and-tear, as well as potential damage/stresses they might be subjected to. This ensures they last a very long time and won’t show their age any time soon. Add to this the aforementioned water and stain resistance and you have one tough cookie.


AFFORDABILITY – Another reason why our clients in Guildford and wider Surrey opt for vinyl flooring is how cost-effective it is. Vinyl flooring is very affordable, and you have the option of going with a premium product or something on the budget end of things.


AESTHETIC – Manufacturers have really pushed the boat out over recent years, and are constantly releasing new textures, patterns and colours for their vinyl flooring products. Homeowners around Guildford and Surrey won’t struggle to find the ideal product to suit their interior design scheme.


EASE OF MAINTENANCE – A number of competing flooring types require a fair bit of maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition. Not vinyl flooring, which just needs the odd wipe down with soap and water. It’s the ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to carry out regular maintenance procedures.


OPTIONS – There are many different options you have available when picking out vinyl flooring. It comes in three main configurations: sheets, tiles and planks. Vinyl sheets are ideal for large areas, as they’re usually the cheapest form per square foot. Tiles are very quick and easy to install, and are great for smaller areas. Planks are the premium option, and have a distinct “high-end” aesthetic. They look a lot like hardwood, but without the scary price tag.



Vinyl Flooring from Industry Leading Brands



One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of vinyl flooring products, Lifestyle Floors has a reputation for creating quality products at reasonable prices. Their ranges feature attractive textures and effects including that of: cork, wood, granite, marble, slate, stone and tile. They’re available in all sorts of colours, and our Guildford / Surrey clients are always commenting on how they breathe new life into bathroom and kitchen spaces.



When you think of British vinyl flooring manufacturers, one name that will usually spring to mind is Polyfloor. Their products look fantastic and are designed to last a very, very long time. They include luxury vinyl tiles, if you’re looking to spend more for a premium aesthetic, and commercial grade tiles that have an extra level of durability.


For assistance choosing your vinyl flooring product, get in touch. Our team of NVQ qualified flooring contractors offer friendly, free advice from first point of contact, until your flooring is installed and you’re 100% satisfied.

Have a question regarding vinyl flooring, or want to receive samples straight to your Guildford or Surrey home? Call D N H Carpets on 01252 641 522.

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kitchen with vinyl flooring
kitchen with vinyl flooring
kitchen with vinyl flooring