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Alongside our broad range of quality carpets and vinyl products, we supply and install other types of flooring like laminate and engineered wood. This page looks at these particular types of product, and what applications our Guildford and Surrey clients use them for.


Just as with our carpets and vinyl flooring, these products come with generous fitting and wear guarantees, and can be installed in under a week from first contact. And just as with all the other ranges that D N H Carpets works with as the county’s first-choice flooring contractor, our laminate and engineered wood flooring is available at prices you simply won’t find at local competitors.


So to receive samples of laminate or engineered wood flooring delivered directly to your door, or to ask a question regarding the information on this page, pick up the phone and call 01252 641 522 or 07908 695 991. Our friendly, NVQ qualified flooring contractors happily provide free, no obligation advice and estimates to ensure you have a wonderful experience with us.

image of wood flooring in guildford

Other Flooring Products We Install in Guildford


ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING – The key difference between traditional timber flooring and engineered wood flooring, is that while the former is made up of a single piece of timber, the latter can feature up to 11 layers of plywood. Then, a single layer of high quality hardwood is glued to the top. This gives the impression of having a “real” hardwood floor, but is much cheaper and is more durable / resistant to environmental factors like warping.


A D N H flooring contractor can even install engineered wood flooring within bathrooms and kitchens around Guildford, as these products have lower moisture levels than true hardwood floors. Another advantage is that while underfloor heating systems cannot be integrated with hardwood flooring, they work fine alongside engineered wood flooring.


LAMINATE FLOORING – This type of flooring attempts to achieve the same goal as engineered wood. It looks provide a realistic alternative to hardwood, but at a cheaper price and with certain desirable traits that only man-made materials can offer. Laminate flooring is a made up of multiple layers of fibre board and melamine resin, and features a photographic layer that sits on top, under a final clear protective layer.


The reasons why flooring contractors and their clients are so keen on it are plentiful. Firstly, it’s much easier to keep clean than hardwood flooring, and very rarely stains if something is spilled. And much like the aforementioned engineered wood products, it’s moisture resistant so can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and storage rooms. It comes in planks which are then bonded together, precisely fitting the surface area of the room. Installation is relatively quick and painless, especially when compared with real hardwood.


Modern laminate flooring comes in all sorts of different colours, textures and finishes – meaning it shouldn’t be hard to find a product that matches the interior design scheme of your Guildford / Surrey home. Different products also offer varying thicknesses and levels of durability. So it pays to keep in mind whether the area will be high or low traffic, and to select the right product for the job at hand.


Unsure whether we’re the right flooring contractor for your project? Check out our lengthy list of testimonials, or navigate to our gallery to see examples of the floors we’ve installed in domestic and commercial properties throughout Guildford and surrounding Surrey locales.

Pick up the phone and call Guilford and Surrey’s preferred flooring contractor, D N H Carpets, on 01252 641 522.

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image of wood flooring in guildford
image of wood flooring in guildford
image of wood flooring in guildford